Aaron Ricciardi — “Sonnet no. Diner”

With lips the very opposite of steel,
you bit and pursed and mouthed, “I love you more
than eggs with onions,” which were laid before
us, our go-to midnight diner meal.
Two hands had forks. The other two we hid
beneath the table, your acrylic Fuck-
Me-Reds like teeth around my fingers. Stuck
inside your staring, I was just a kid
who wanted more but didn’t know. I drew
my hand to grab my knife and acted shy
when by the pie revolve I saw this dude
who went to our school. “What do we do?”
We bolted and forwent our slice of pie.
As was your wont, you sunk into a mood.

Aaron Ricciardi is a NYC-based writer and performer, currently in his final year of Indiana University’s MFA Playwriting program, studying under Peter Gil-Sheridan. Plays include Nice Nails, The Travels (New York Musical Festival), and Resting Bitch Face (Tennessee Williams Festival One-Act Play Contest runner-up). Aaron is a lyricist at the BMI Musical Theatre Advanced Workshop, and a graduate of Northwestern University, where he studied playwriting under Laura Schellhardt. This is Aaron’s first work of poetry. www.aaronricciardi.com