Christian Patterson — “Fountain of Dreams”

a park I’ve been to twice before
but never at night

we both swing, then feel nauseated
you talk about Cuba and reality tv

you told me about your dad’s heart attack
and how you expected other people
to have a heart attack before he did
and I said, ‘do you have a heart attack tier list?’

then I leaned in to you, looked up,
and you kissed me

from the park to the French seeming garden
sitting on the ledge of the fountain
things feel different now

a lot of directionless touching
touching to touch

we pulled onto I-5 and I say,
‘do you ever think about the people
who live on the I-5 corridor
but are far from you, and imagine
you happen to be on I-5 at the same
time, and feel closer to them?’

when we got to my apartment
we had sex but I said,
‘I’m nervous’ and then you said,
‘I’m also nervous’

I woke up and forgot falling asleep
this morning feels the same as last night

spaces aren’t dangerous or precious
because there’s a finite amount of it

I sweated my body’s water through
my forehead this morning after you came
over from therapy. it’s nighttime now and I still
haven’t replaced the water of my body

I greeted you holding coffee, you asked
for a sip. we walked to my bed and I said,
‘don’t let me disrupt your old life’ and you said,
‘the people from my old life exhaust me’

you smelled like tangerines, but you say
you haven’t eaten tangerines, I ask to smell
your breath but you won’t let me, so I ask if
you want to shower instead

Christian Patterson was born in Auburn, WA and now lives in Philadelphia, PA. His book an alternate reality where mello yello is more popular than mtn dew is available from Fog Machine. You can learn more on twitter @christianizcool or at