Joshua Lipson — “In the Gear Room”

Seize all the levers,
and the world will never
be the same in any measure

If I spoke of wheels
and the circuit of their satellites
would you?
But do you believe that I exist?

I blasted my virginity to the stars
losing myself in the filigreed folds of
the boiler room.

With the humming eternity of
this electric closet
I fling myself
at you
Share in my pathological extraversion

I promise you can have it all.
Let us wrench the drawers out
of the cabinet
and sample every tremor.

Heart shake my blood
Temple burn igneous
Gears turn:

Josh Lipson is a student of history, language, and the mind from New Jersey by way of Cambridge, Jerusalem, Istanbul, and San Francisco. His work has been featured in Harbinger Asylum, Obra/Artifact, Three Line Poetry, Angel City Review, Homonym Journal, and The Meadow. He is proud to share multiple strains of heritage with Walt Whitman and Allen Ginsberg.