We are currently closed for submissions, but follow @briarslit on Twitter for volume 3 updates!

briars lit is an online literary anthology looking to publish fairy tale inspired fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry, as well as hybrid work. Specifically, we are looking for a queering of classic, modern, and original tales. From the Brothers Grimm to Hans Christian Andersen and beyond, we’re looking for work from authors who identify as queer as well as stories told by queer characters.

We find works that both accept and reject the traditional narrative of a “happily ever after” compelling. We are drawn to pieces that work to understand what defines queerness, from gender to sexuality, and work that grapples with the realities of being queer, both in the real world and worlds unlike our own.

We are open to retellings and reimaginings, as well as original tales and meditations on the stories that have had such power over our lives. We are open to reprinting previously published works as long as the rights have reverted back to the author.

Our editors have decided for this second volume of briars lit that, on top of our usual theme, to explore transformations. Whether that’s personal transformations or transformations in fairy tales—from curses or disguises to changing seasons and changing hearts. Send us your best works that explore this notion of transforming—we hope we’ll be transformed by your works, in turn.

briars lit is seeking submissions from both established and emerging writers who are interested in reclaiming queer identities in fairy tales, either classic or their own.